Palermo Walking Food Tour


per person

Food Tour in Palermo

Palermo Walking Food Tour is the very first street food tour ever launched in Sicily. A relaxing 4hr walk with a young licensed guide to enjoy the markets and monuments of Palermo city center and taste the best local street food.

Palermo Walking Food Tour has been designed with the specific purpose of giving travelers the chance to live a 100% Sicilian Experience…a tasty one!  The uniqueness of Palermitan street food doesn’t simply lie in its variety and rich flavours, but also in the ability that every dish has to tell a historical chapter of the Sicilian capital. Vendors have been carefully selected based on the quality of food and the authenticity of the location.

Not only food! The walk also goes through the main historical attractions of the city center, such asTeatro Massimo, Mercato del Capo, Mercato di Sant’Agostino, Piazza San Domenico, Vucciria, to give participants a complete overview of local history and culture. In fact, all Streaty guides are fully-licensed to lead travelers in all historical sites.

This tour is better recommended as first activity in town. This is also the ideal shore excursion for cruisers spending few hours in town: we gives cruisers the chance to maximize their short stay and catch the real soul of Palermo in few steps and few bites.

Tour Gallery

Tour guides provide historical information on the monuments and churches visible along the walk
(winter tour also includes the visit of the Cathedral) and share with travellers the most
intimate secrets of local cuisine and habits.
You will discover the hidden artistic gems of the markets, not always easy to find otherwise!

 What’s included?
  • Guided walking tour​ of the city center​ with a licensed tour guide
  • Food tastings 
  • Glass of local wine
  • Seasonal dessert (eg. cannoli, cassata)
  • Personal Foodie’s Passport

Price per Person 39 €

Duration 3 h

  • Departure
    Piazza Verdi / Front gate of the Massimo Theatre
  • Departure Time
    10:30 am
  • Return Time
    1:30 pm
  • Dress Code
    causal with comfortable shoes
  • Include
    Entry Fees
    Personal Guide
  • Not Included
    Hotel Pickup
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