About Us

About Us

Alessandro Martini

Owner and creator of Italian Days Food Experiences, Allora Mangia Europe and USA, and of the new and unique Prosciutto Lab.

Our story

A Tuscan and a German arrived in the Bologna hills in 2007, without friends, without knowledge and zero money.

We started our adventure against all the no’s of people who didn’t believe in us and in our dream, but only one thing makes a dream impossible – the fear of failing. Our adventure started in 2008 like with an old fiat all split with little petrol and no navigator but in our heart a great desire to live our dream.

During our journey we understood that failing without fear is called growing up. We cannot buy the experience, nobody can give it to us and we cannot study it but everyone has the opportunity to live it.

It wasn’t easy at the beginning and not being easy convinced us even more to believe in our dream. All the people we hosted on our food tour made us grow, transmitting love, energy, enthusiasm, and making a person happy, seeing them smile with their hearts or cry with their hearts or feel embraced tightly, made us even stronger. We have grown over the years as a job, and consequently the Italian Days Family has also grown, 2 children Emma and Leo have arrived, something unique, which has given us more love and strength, but other “children” have also arrived i our precious collaborators, young graduate boys, but who believed in us in our adventure as we believed in them. One of these is a nutritionist, a boy who had already collaborated with us in 2013 but then left us in 2014 to live his dream, that is, to study and become a nutritionist, and whom I respect because, like us, he was not afraid but believed in his dream.

in 2019 after graduation and after 5 years in which we lost sight of each other because he was in Florence, we met and I asked him that we needed because he could make us grow with the contents the offer the value and he could grow with us.

In 2016 we opened our e-commerce company in Florida for Italian products, (another dream) we did this thing not for money, but because we understood that we had to do it, we had to be able to give everyone the opportunity once they returned to America to to be able to buy products imported directly from people by families from the companies they had visited with us.A site that is not only an online shop of fine Italian food for our guests who have been on tour with us, but also an opportunity for all those people who are looking for web of fine Italian food, because to understand the true value of a product people have to experience history first hand, tradition, have to meet the family, have the opportunity to follow the processing steps and meet know all those people who are committed to creating a quality handmade product made with love and passion.

On the 21st July we will open the Italian Days Food Experience & Art Lab, the store will be next to a new ham factory where we will have the exclusive factory tour. With a nearby farm we will put pigs in the semi-wild state, to then be able to produce a very small production of REAL ham. Inside the shop we will dedicate corners to all those producers who put love and passion and who, for a matter of logistics and time, cannot find them, so we will bring their products to us so that we can at least give visibility, make taste, explain but give everyone the opportunity to get to know these small realities and for those who want the next time they return to Italy have the pleasure of going to visit knowing who and what is behind it.

We launch an e-commerce for Europe in the beginning of 2019. The first groupage platform on bologna that gives the opportunity to group all local products with a single shipment, but as in us, a site that sells not only fine Italian food but a concept of enhancement, so you can buy typical products but have the opportunity to let you know and understand what’s behind it, therefore the value that that product has by hosting you in Italy and making you live a real experience with us through our food experiences.

Italian Days food & wine experiences in its adventure has grown a lot we have become mature adults we are now father and mother, but we will never stop dreaming, indeed now we want to dream with them.

In the last 3 years only in the food tour of bologna we have hosted from 5,000 to 6,800 people per year.

Well today it’s like starting again for a new adventure, like our first adventure in 2008. This situation made us remember and relive many moments, situations, that we had hidden like they make dogs with bones … and all of this is stimulating because it makes us dream again but dream with emma and leo and therefore transmit a meaning to them, which must believe in themselves and in their dreams and that must listen only to their hearts.



The Martini’s Famliy






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