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Italian Days Food Experience in the Traveller

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I agree with Brian Johnston (Traveller, July 7) that Emilia-Romagna is a wonderful food destination. Readers might like to know that there are numerous small group tours available from Bologna, Parma, and Modena, eliminating the need to organise individual visits yourself and drive.

On a recent trip to the region, we chose the “Italian Days” tour from Bologna (, and couldn’t have been more delighted.

As part of a small group of eight tourists, we took in a Parmesan factory, a balsamic vinegar producer, and a prosciutto factory, with delicious tastings and local wines at each stop.

The day was hosted by our enthusiastic and knowledgeable English-speaking guide, Alessandro, and was topped off with a magnificent meal at a local agriturismo. It was great fun and good value.

Linda Stern, Alphington, VIC

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“Italian Days Food Experience” Tour Review from Bologna, Italy

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