Food Tour N1 in Bologna - The Original


The day begins with a morning excursion to a cheese factory where you will experience the entire production process of Parmigiano Reggiano D.O.P. - the KING of Cheese. You will have the rare opportunity to view each step of the process, including the heating of the fresh milk and the separation of the curds and whey, the crafting of the curds by the casaro – the master cheese maker, the formation of a single cheese mass, and the birth of “twins”.  Your discovery of the ageing process will take you on an exploration of the impressive “cheese library”, which houses more that 6 million euros worth of Parmigiano Reggiano.  At the end of the visit, you will be treated to a full tasting of Parmigiano Reggiano aged 13 and 25 months, as well as other delectable breakfast treats.


The Tour continues to one of the region’s historic acetaia, a family-owned farmhouse where the famous Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena D.O.P. is made.  Savor the distinct and delightful aroma of this certified “Black Gold” (aged for a minimum of 12 years) and learn about the methods and wood barrels used to produce this artisanal treasure.  Another tasting opportunity allows you to compare different ages and varieties, including Balsamic Dressing aged 6 years, Traditional Balsamic Vinegar D.O.P. aged both 15 and 45 years, Balsamic Jelly and fresh ricotta (direct from the cheese factory), and Balsamic Dressing with gelato.


From the acetaia we will take you off the beaten path to one of the best prosciutto factories in the region.  Here you will meet a family that for over three generations has been committed to making one of the world’s most delicious pork products.  At their factory in Modena, you will learn all about the strict regulations, the lengthy curing process, and the tremendous care that goes into ensuring that all D.O.P. prosciutto, including Prosciutto di Modena D.O.P. and Prosciutto di Parma D.O.P., meets exactly the same high standards.  After the tour you will be treated to some freshly cut slices of Prosciutto di Modena D.O.P. together with some refreshing Lambrusco Grasparossa wine.

Finally, the famous Italian Days “LIGHT” lunch is the perfect ending to a day filled with the very best of Italian cuisine and culture.  You will experience an authentic Italian meal in a certified organic and traditional winery nestled in the hills of the glorious Emilia Romagna countryside.  Enjoy the most delicious FOOD & WINE that our region has to offer!

Price per Person:
Parmigiano Reggiano factory + Balsamic Vinegar + Ham factory FULL TASTING IN EACH FACTORY + GOURMET LUNCH + WINE + TRANSPORTATION IN COMFORTABLE MINI VAN +PICK UP AND DROP OFF from your Hotel price per person Euro 150,00 including taxes and insurance . NO additional charges! 



Day Tours by Italian Days Sas, licenend Travel agency.

tour details

meeting point
Pick up from your Hotel in Bologna City Center/train station
Monday - Saturday
7 am
4 pm

Tour includes: 3 Factory Tours with FULL TASTING, Lunch, Wines, FUN, Kit visitors for the Parmigiano Factory, Transportation, Insurance and FOOD COMA!!!!

Group Size: Small Group Tours

Transportation: Round-trip with comfortable air-condition minivan


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